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How to get players to WANT to hear your message


This piece of advice is not just for sales people or business people. It works for coaches too. That’s the super cool thing about success principles, they apply to everything. Learn them in one area of life and you can certainly apply them and benefit from them in other areas too!

You’ve probably heard it before, “They (your players) don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

I can’t emphasize this enough! Now, you do not have to be best buddies with all your players in order to show them you care about them.

I had a super tough, foul mouthed high school softball coach. However, as tough as he was to play for, we stuck around and did WELL because, deep down, we knew he truly cared about us, not just as players, but as people too.

Somehow you must get this message across to your players. If you want them to WANT to listen to you, they have to know that you actually care about them beyond what they can do to help you have a winning season and look good as a coach.

Your players must know that you care about more than just their batting average, how fast they run, or how hard they throw. They also have to know that you really want to help them get better and achieve their goals in addition to achieving team goals.

When they know you genuinely care about them, they will want to hear what you have to say.

How do you get them to know you care?

Show them.

Ask questions about non-softball stuff. That let’s them know your interested in more than just their softball skills.

Show them by knowing what other challenges or big events they may be going through. Is finals coming up in school? Is there a huge community event going on soon that they’ll want to go to? Is a “bug” going around that you can acknowledge and give them tips on how to avoid getting sick? Talk about these things before or after practice in your team meetings.

Acknowledge they they have more going on than just softball and find ways help them balance and enjoy it all.

Simple things like this can go a long way toward making a deeper more meaningful connection to your players. The trick is though, that you can’t just be doing it to get what you want from them. You have to actually CARE!

Then again, you wouldn’t be here reading this article if you didn’t. So you’re already a step ahead of the game. Just be conscious of making choices that show your players just how much you care about them and about being your best FOR them!

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