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How to stop spinning your wheels and make things happen

Feeling stuck?

Here is something I learned from The Daily Whip. It’s about how to get more done and be more productive. As coaches, we have limited time with our team. It’s important that we make the most of our time, of our season.

Here’s a little strategy that can help you do that.

listMake a Wish List, a Week Goal, and a Daily Hit List.

Wish List
Write out your wish list for your team/program. What do you want for it? Where do you want to see it goal? What’s in your big picture? Don’t over think this, just write down the FIRST 10-12 things that come to your mind.

Week Goal
Look at your wish list and think of ONE thing to want to get done/address this week. Write down this ONE goal.

Daily Hit List
With your Week Goal in mind, come up with 2-3 things you WILL do today that move you closer to your week goal. Do these things as the very FIRST softball things you do all day. Nothing else comes first. Hit this hit list first.

Do NOT list a bazillion things. This is not your “to-do” list. This is simply a list of 2-3 actions you can take today that will help you accomplish your week goal. Keep the list short so it’s DO-able.

IF you happens to finish this list and feel feisty, go ahead and think of the one NEXT thing you can do to accomplish your week goal and tackle that. Finish that? Tackle ONE more thing if you’re so inclined. That’s fine, but remember to make your initial list for the day short and focused!


Note: if you’re one of those people that absolutely cannot reduce the list to just 3 things, use the “A1″ concept :)
(I got this idea from Dave Ramsey)

Look at your list and write a letter “A” next to the 3 MOST important things on that list.  Put a “B” next to the next 3 things, etc.

In the “A” section, think about which task is THE most important, must do item OR the one that will give you the BIGGEST result with the least amount of effort.  Write a “1″ next to that thing.  It is now your “A1″ thing to do.

Do that again and write a “2″ next to the next  most important thing.  The a “3″ next to the last thing etc.  Do this for the B section too.

NOW…as you’re going through your day and “things” come up, before you get off track and start doing things that are NOT on your list, think about whether or not that thing is more important than your “A1″ task.  If it is, by all means, take care of it.  If it’s not, put it aside and HIT your HIT LIST!  Stick to doing your “A1″ thing first.  ;)

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